Energy Assessment

Expanding Solutions provides guidance on the best way to achieve energy performance using the “fabric first” approach of designing the different elements of a structure to achieve the best thermal performance, whilst retaining ease of build.

Experts from our team will assess the potential thermal performance of your building envelope and advise you on the best options for your project – whatever your priorities.  We can advise on options to value engineer your  project specifications or provide guidance on achieving passive house standards – either way we will help you to get the best performance for your building.

We offer a range of technical services including U-value calculations, Condensation Risk Analysis, Psi Values and SAP calculations. We’ll help you achieve the requirements of Approved Document Part L (Building Regulations – Conservation of Fuel and Power).

A “fabric first” approach maximises the performance of the building structure,  before considering renewables or other options. Energy consumption is reduced through the application of  high performance insulation, air tightness, natural ventilation, thermal mass, addressing solar gain, junction performance and the technologies required to service a building in its day-to-day use.

In addition to the sustainable benefits of a well-constructed and thermally efficient envelope there are post-built benefits. Operational and maintenance costs are reduced over the life of the building and the occupants can enjoy their energy efficient building without the need to change habits or adapt to technologies.

Fabric first is best achieved by selecting products – from the entire available range – that will work together to deliver the required thermal performance.  Expanded Solutions was set up specifically to be able to offer the independent technical assessment needed to do this and to be able to recommend the best solutions to optimise building performance for our customers.

Lastly, technology has its place in building design and we will advise you on integrating appropriate products into your build, if and when, they are best option for your project.

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